Staff Well-being

In our pursuit of a better world through improved people-decisions, we offer bespoke well-being solutions aimed at enhancing interpersonal relations, team interactions, and organizational culture.

Enhancing Well-being: Tailored Solutions with Anthro

Anthro offers specialized well-being support services aimed at addressing psychological issues, managing workplace conflicts, and mitigating stress and burnout. With a focus on coaching, clinical counseling, mediation, psychological safety assessment, and positive organizational scholarship, we provide comprehensive solutions to support individuals and organizations in cultivating a healthy and resilient workplace environment.


Our approach to custom well-being services is founded on collaboration and customization. We take the time to meet with clients, accurately scope their requirements, and understand their unique challenges. This collaborative process ensures that interventions are precisely tailored to align with desired outcomes and effectively address specific well-being needs.


Anthro goes beyond providing initial interventions; we offer ongoing support and materials to ensure the sustainability of solutions. By providing continuous support and resources, we empower organizations to maintain a culture of well-being and resilience over the long term.


With Anthro’s tailored well-being support, organizations can foster a positive workplace culture where individuals feel supported, empowered, and equipped to thrive.


As a senior leader, I find it is not unusual to have a ‘difficult’ staff member that requires additional attention. However, when I arrived at my new duty station, I was responsible for overseeing a team leader that I could only describe as toxic. I received numerous complaints from staff that she was overseeing, some crying in my office, others threatening to quit. I did my best to talk with the team leader in question, but I could see there was something else going on.


I contacted Anthro who have psychologists on staff and they brought in a professional that could evaluate psychological risk and offer mediation services. It turns out that the manager had stressors at home that they were transferring to work. Anthro organized appropriate external counselling while working with the team to repair the damage. Anthro understood that in organizations like ours you can not just get rid of someone. They really put in the effort to remedy the situation and my life became so much easier. I would highly recommend Anthro.


As a senior leader, you don’t always have someone you can talk to about the difficulties you face in your role, nor are you always able to get unbiased feedback. I approached Anthro for their senior leadership coaching services. They assigned someone with decades of global experience and we had a weekly online session where I could talk about various areas of concern to me. I found the open and honest conversations incredibly helpful. All of a sudden, ideas that I had were scrutinized from a fresh unbiased perspective and the feedback I got on how to handle sticky management challenges was invaluable.


I could trust Anthro to maintain the utmost confidentiality as my coach was also a registered psychologist. In the end, I would say that having a coach made me a more effective leader. I was more self-assured in my management of others, and most importantly, I could now navigate my challenging political environment with confidence.



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