Programme Evaluation

In our commitment to creating a better world through enhanced people-decisions, we assist you in measuring the performance of projects, programs, and services, assessing goal attainment, and identifying opportunities for learning and improvement.

Enhancing Evaluation: Custom Solutions with Anthro

Anthro offers specialized evaluation services aimed at assisting organizations in assessing the impact and effectiveness of policies and programs. Leveraging state-of-the-art quantitative tools, we help determine the impact of interventions, demonstrate causal inference, and interpret results to effectively communicate findings to stakeholders.


Our expertise encompasses a range of evaluation methodologies, including randomized control trials, difference-in-differences estimation, propensity score matching, A-B testing, and more. By utilizing these advanced techniques, we provide organizations with robust and insightful evaluations that inform evidence-based decision-making.


Anthro’s approach to custom evaluation is grounded in collaboration and expertise. We work closely with clients to choose the most suitable evaluation design, determine sample sizes, measure outcomes, and manage data effectively. Our team employs optimal techniques for data analysis and interpretation, ensuring that results are accurate, reliable, and actionable.


Furthermore, Anthro prioritizes reducing threats that may undermine the integrity of evaluation results. Through meticulous attention to detail and rigorous methodological approaches, we safeguard the validity and reliability of findings, empowering organizations to make informed decisions with confidence.


With Anthro’s tailored evaluation solutions, organizations can gain invaluable insights into the impact and effectiveness of their policies and programs, driving continuous improvement and achieving meaningful outcomes.


We received a substantial amount of funding to do capacity building in a specific global region to help promote certain health and educational outcomes. A year down the line, the donors wanted to know if our intervention had been effective and what the return on investment was. We turned to Anthro, who assigned an expert in programme evaluation to us. Using the latest advanced methods, our consultant worked with us to plan an assessment. He conducted it, analyzed the data, and presented a report to us. We knew that we were doing good impactful work and now we had the hard evidence to prove it. We sent the report to our donors and they were impressed that an outside third-party had given us such a positive review. I would highly recommend Anthro for your programme evaluation needs.


Implementing an intervention, I now know, it the easy part. Proving to stakeholders that it was money well spent is substantially more difficult. Our projects were getting challenged in committee meetings and it was becoming harder and harder to defend our work in the absence of robust evidence. We called on Anthro and they quickly got on it. They put together a proposal which would assess the effectiveness of our projects on multiple fronts. This resulted in a culmination of evidence that was simply irrefutable. Once they were done, we got a report that was stuffed with data in support of our work and that also showed how we could improve in the future. Once I shared it with relevant stakeholders, we were in the clear and were even offered additional funding. Anthro really took the pain out of doing our evaluation work and having a fresh pair of outside eyes really made all the difference.



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