Performance Management

In our commitment to fostering a better world through improved people-decisions, we offer custom performance management solutions tailored to assist you in driving mandate delivery.

Empowering Teams: Tailored Performance Management Solutions with Anthro

Anthro specializes in crafting customized performance management solutions aimed at empowering teams and driving mandate delivery. A well-designed and implemented performance management system serves as a cornerstone for organizational success, providing teams with clarity regarding their contributions to mandate delivery, fostering motivation, and offering valuable insights for staff development.


Our expertise encompasses a range of performance management strategies, including 360-degree feedback, adaptive performance management, rewards systems, and more. By leveraging these specialized approaches, organizations can effectively align individual and team efforts with organizational objectives, driving improved performance and fostering a culture of continuous growth.


Anthro’s approach to custom performance management systems is rooted in collaboration and customization. We partner closely with clients to understand their unique challenges, objectives, and organizational context, ensuring that the performance management solution is tailored to meet specific needs. Our team works diligently to design systems that align with organizational values and culture, rejecting one-size-fits-all solutions in favor of bespoke strategies that resonate with each client’s unique context.


From initial concept to implementation and beyond, Anthro provides comprehensive support throughout the performance management process. We assist in identifying target behaviors, designing customized systems, and facilitating training and communication efforts to ensure successful adoption by teams and organizations.


With Anthro’s tailored performance management solutions, organizations can unlock the full potential of their teams, driving mandate delivery and achieving sustainable success in today’s dynamic and competitive landscape.


Performance management has always been one of our biggest headaches. Unlike private companies, we can’t just dole out financial rewards. We also have the unions to contend with. We approached Anthro to help us design a new rewards system. They asked all the right questions and really got to the bottom of our challenges. Using the latest in scientific research in the area of work motivation, they helped us refocus on intrinsic rewards. As it turned out, we already had all the pieces of the puzzle to motivate our staff, we just needed to arrange them correctly. The effect was virtually immediate. We could see a change in the attitudes of management and staff alike. We had a more engaged workforce and we started seeing spontaneous innovation. Anthro really got us to look at rewards differently and it made all the difference.


I’d never heard of adaptive performance evaluations before working with Anthro. Before we tried this novel approach, we had a real problem distinguishing between the performance levels of our staff. Virtually everyone got a ‘met’ or ‘exceeded’ performance expectation rating and how this was done seemed quite arbitrary despite the existence of guidelines. Anthro listen to our problem and came up wtih a solution for us. Now managers evaluate their staff by simply comparing a series of statements, two at a time, and choose the statement which bests describes observed performance. After a few rounds, the system determines a score on dimensions that are important to us. No more guessing, no more having to write long reports and we finally have a far more nuanced rating that helps us know who our top performers are. Staff are also finally getting useful, actionable feedback which tells them more clearly where there is room for development. Adaptive performance management really helped us get a grip on our performance evaluation process.



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