Data Analytics

In our pursuit of creating a better world through enhanced people-decisions, we offer custom data analytics services aimed at empowering organizations to leverage existing data sources for making informed personnel decisions.

Unlocking Insights: Custom Data Analytics Solutions by Anthro

Anthro offers tailored data analytics solutions designed to empower organizations in unlocking actionable insights and driving informed decision-making processes. Our expertise spans a range of analytical techniques, enabling us to delve deep into data to identify workforce trends, detect potential biases in existing processes, and track data over time to reveal meaningful patterns.


As specialists in advanced multivariate statistics, data modeling and forecasting, dashboard development, and real-time reporting, we provide organizations with the tools and expertise needed to extract valuable insights from their data. Whether it’s identifying workforce trends, forecasting future outcomes, or creating intuitive visualizations through infographics, Anthro equips organizations with the analytical capabilities necessary for strategic decision-making.


Anthro’s approach to custom data analytics is centered on collaboration and problem-solving. We work closely with clients to understand their specific challenges and objectives, tailoring our analytics solutions to address their unique needs. From identifying relevant data sources to presenting results in clear, non-technical terms, our team ensures that insights are communicated effectively and actionable recommendations are provided to drive organizational success.


With Anthro’s custom data analytics solutions, organizations can harness the power of data to gain deeper insights, optimize processes, and achieve their strategic goals with confidence.


Our stakeholders had a lot of questions about HR trends that are not covered in our usual reports and we simply didn’t have the time to really dig into it. So we went to Anthro. Because of their experience working in the international public sector, they knew how to maintain strict confidentially. Using sophisticated methods they could tell us if there was an inherent bias in the way we selected, promoted, and retained staff. They also found ways to communicate this data that was easy to understand by using infographics so that even those that did not have a strong data background could make sense of it. All in all, working with Anthro was a hassle-free experience and got us exactly what we wanted.


We continuously collect huge amounts of data from different duty stations around the world on various topics. However, tracking trends in this data was becoming a nightmare. We contacted Anthro and they helped us build business intelligence dashboards that collated all our numbers allowing us to see it visually, but more important, dynamically, for the first time. We could instantly see trouble spots and could direct our limited resources to where they were needed most.



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