A better world through better people-decisions

We provide bespoke well-being solutions to enhance people relations, team interactions, and organisational culture

Well-being support can help you:


Address underlying psychological issues
Deal with conflict in the workplace
Manage workplace stress and burnout

We specialise in:

Coaching services

Counselling services (clinical)

Mediation services

Psychological safety assessment

Positive organisational scholarship

When it comes to custom well-being services, Anthro will:

Meet with you to accurately scope your requirements while taking time to understand your unique challenges.
Provide a customised intervention that is aligned with your desired outcomes.
Provide on-going support and materials to secure a sustainable solution.

As a senior leader, I find it is not unusual to have a ‘difficult’ staff member that requires additional attention. However, when I arrived at my new duty station, I was responsible for overseeing a team leader that I could only describe as toxic. I received numerous complaints from staff that she was overseeing, some crying in my office, others threatening to quit. I did my best to talk with the team leader in question, but I could see there was something else going on. I contacted Anthro who have psychologists on staff and they brought in a professional that could evaluate psychological risk and offer mediation services. It turns out that the manager had stressors at home that they were transferring to work. Anthro organized appropriate external counselling while working with the team to repair the damage. Anthro understood that in organizations like ours you can not just get rid of someone. They really put in the effort to remedy the situation and my life became so much easier. I would highly recommend Anthro.



As a senior leader, you don’t always have someone you can talk to about the difficulties you face in your role, nor are you always able to get unbiased feedback. I approached Anthro for their senior leadership coaching services. They assigned someone with decades of global experience and we had a weekly online session where I could talk about various areas of concern to me. I found the open and honest conversations incredibly helpful. All of a sudden, ideas that I had were scrutinized from a fresh unbiased perspective and the feedback I got on how to handle sticky management challenges was invaluable. I could trust Anthro to maintain the utmost confidentiality as my coach was also a registered psychologist. In the end, I would say that having a coach made me a more effective leader. I was more self-assured in my management of others, and most importantly, I could now navigate my challenging political environment with confidence.



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