A better world through better people-decisions

We provide custom-built surveys to help you get the data you need to make intelligent people decisions

A well-designed survey process can:

Tell you what people are thinking, and more importantly, feeling
Provide information that allows you to take the guesswork out of decision-making
Help provide data that will allow you to develop targeted interventions

We specialise in:

Staff engagement surveys

Attitudinal surveys

Feedback surveys

Psychosocial Risk surveys

…and more 

When it comes to custom surveys, Anthro will:

Work with you to frame the problem you are solving
Build a report with dummy data to show you how responses from the survey will help you solve this problem
Create the survey and (help) administer it
Do the number crunching and provide you with a complete report (and infographics) as well as the raw data
Help you make sense of the results and assist with recommendations based on the best available behavioural science

Anthro helped us develop a survey to determine attitudes among our workforce towards sexual abuse and exploitation. They crafted a survey that matched our needs perfectly and once administered, the survey data told us in exactly which duty-stations we had problems. Consequently, we could target our limited resources to maximum effect.

Anthro also helped us dashboard this data so that we could spot trends and predict where trouble would be before it even happened. They even helped create a global map which indicated where hot spots were. This survey literally helped us save the lives of young women.


Human Resources Officer

Anthro helped us develop a board performance feedback survey. They administered the survey to our board members and gathered information on seven dimensions which were important to us. They then helped us bring out the meanings of this data through infographics.

The impact was virtually immediate. We could see a change in our board members’ behaviour as soon as the first feedback session was over.  Anthro really listened to us, they took time to understand what our problem was and then developed something that really worked for us.


One To World

Ask us about our dynamic surveys and automated dashboards that update continuously and help you track trends for problems that require live monitoring.