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A well-designed assessment process can:


Help you understand which applicants have the required knowledge, skills, and abilities
Tell you if applicants are likely to work well with others and share your team’s values
Help you manage applicant volume and increase the efficiency of your recruitment process (time-to-hire)

We specialize in:

Knowledge tests

Skills tests

Ability tests

Personality inventories

Online test administration

…and more 

When it comes to customised assessments, Anthro will:

Work with you to find an assessment process that gets you the applicant data you need to make the right selection decisions
Make sure that your assessment process is fair and unbiased while remaining sensitive to your political needs
Help you make sense of the results and assist with recommendations

Anthro didn’t come with ready-made solutions, they listened and tailored their assessments to suit our needs, which really made working with them even more rewarding.

My colleagues and I needed to fill a roster of who were ready to go and do a job at a moment’s notice, people with the rights skills, knowledge, experience, and most importantly attitude, for the field.

We had some issues with online testing in the past. I wanted to make sure that test-takers weren’t cheating – just copying stuff off the internet – stuff like that. We also didn’t want to spend weeks on end grading essays. And in the end, we wanted to make sure that we did our assessment process in-line with our rather complicated staffing policies to avoid any internal justice hold-ups.

We had a pretty good idea of what we didn’t want – we just didn’t know how to get where we wanted to be.

We came across Anthro and what I appreciated most was that they really listened to us and understood our context because of their experience working exclusively with international governmental organizations. They didn’t come along with any ready-made solutions – they just wanted to understand our needs. The process of talking through what we wanted helped us to clarify in our own minds what we needed to do, and we ended up giving them a pretty clear picture of what mattered most. They did the rest while we got on with our important and highly specialized work.

I think it helped me to realize that although I knew what we required, we didn’t have the time, tools, or expertise to make it happen. The people at Anthro came up with some pretty neat solutions, which ended up saving us loads of time and effort and the admin side of things became hassle-free. I would definitely recommend them if you’re looking for assessments that are tailor-made, efficient, and sensitive to your context.


Political Affairs Officer

We were stuck with the hiring of a director-level position with far too many applications. We were under a lot of pressure given the high visibility of this role. We decided to turn to Anthro for help.

They listened to us and really went the extra mile to understand our needs. We explained how important this role was to our office and they suggested that we not only assess our applicants’ job knowledge but also their strategic thinking and people skills. They developed both a bespoke case study and situational judgement test for us. I was really impressed by the authenticity of these tests. It was like a little work sample where applicants had to show us how they would handle a variety of real-world, job-relevant situations.

Because of the political sensitivity of this position, and because some of the applicants were known to us, we decided to ask Anthro to take care of the test administration for us. They took care of everything, from building the test in an online platform, communicating with candidates, and processing the results. Afterwards, they handed over a complete information pack which included a complete audit trail in case any questions should arise about the outcome of this assessment process later on.

The data we got from this more comprehensive assessment process was definitely worth it. We got to see a completely different side of our applicant pool than our normal CV screen and interview process would ever have shown us. It really helped us mitigate the risk inherent in these high profile hiring decisions and help with our diversity outcome.

I would definitely recommend Anthro to hiring managers dealing with difficult job openings.

Anthro was professional and stuck with us until the job was done. I would highly recommend them.



Counter Terrorism

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