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We provide global outreach campaigns to access truly diverse talent

A well-designed outreach campaign can:


Help you reach non-traditional applicant pools
Result in you being viewed as more desirable to work for by potential applicants
Lead to you attracting a better caliber of applicant

We specialize in:

Outreach campaigns

Outreach strategy development 

Employer Branding

Copywriting and multimedia content 

Graphic Design

…and more

When it comes to bespoke communications & outreach campaigns, Anthro will:

Work with you to assess your current employer branding and provide an evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses 
Help you develop an employer brand strategy that helps your organizations break free from stereotypes and misconceptions
Help you launch and support your employer brand strategy by providing on-going support and analytics

Anthro did such a fantastic job conceptualising a new brand strategy for us. Not only did they take care of our re-branding -working with their team of creatives to give us options- they also helped us launch it on multiple platforms, including social media and more traditional platforms to reach wider audiences. They helped us position ourselves in the modern employment space as a desirable place to work and supported us in showcasing our diversity. We now have better and more diverse applicants.



When potential applicants thought of our organisation, all they could think of was lawyers. Anthro worked with us to develop a unique brand strategy that helped us break free from this stereotype. Now applicants associate us with so much more and we are getting the right kind of applicants from a truly diverse set of backgrounds.



International Law

Ask us about our audio visual partners. Anthro can help you develop and deliver truly awe inspiring content to attract talent to your organization