organisational change management

A better world through better people-decisions

We provide change management services that help organisations, departments, and/or teams transition and adapt to new environments and challenges

We will help you manage change so that:

You can meet the challenges and opportunities inherent in it successfully
You can align your values and practices
Your team is psychologically equipped for it

We specialise in:


Mandate shift (new mandates)

Business process redesign

New management team

When it comes to change management, Anthro will:

Work with you to systematically understand your environment while clearly articulating challenges and opportunities.
Work with you to develop a strategic plan including a clear vision, mission, values as well as a set of goals.
Craft the above into a compelling story and help craft a communication strategy to get your team onboard.

We were a new senior leadership team that inherited an old staff complement. We had a new mandate and a group of people who were used to doing things a certain way. It was time for a change, but where to start? We contacted Anthro and they immediately had someone on it. First, they really made an effort to understand our unique situation, who the stakeholders were, and what problems we were trying to address. Once they had a good lay of the land, they worked with us to create a series of interventions which both re-energized our staff and got them to look at their work differently. It was incredibly useful not just because of its impact on our workforce, but also because it helped us translate our mandate into something our staff, from top to bottom, could understand. Now for the first time in a long time, everyone is pulling in the same direction.


Director in THE FIELD

Our bureaucracy had started to run away from us. So many forms, so many approvals, so much redundancy. We needed someone from the outside to cast a critical eye over our business processes and determine if what we were doing was actually necessary. It felt like, from the inside, we couldn’t see the forest from the trees anymore. We called Anthro and they really made an effort to understand what was going on before recommending changes. After all, you can’t just change things in an organization like ours. First, they carefully mapped out our most troublesome processes. Then we worked together to find more efficient ways of doing things. They were always careful to suggest changes that didn’t require new technology unless it was something that we already had. In the end, we managed to cut down the time it took us to complete certain processes by half. It was definitely worth the investment working with Anthro. They really get working in the international public sector.


Regional Union

Ask us about our on-sight change management interventions directly aimed at culture shift and alignment