Our Mission

Our Mission

To use data, science, and empathy-driven people analytics to enable global public sector organisations make better decisions for a better world.

Our Vision

To become a valued partner of the global public sector in their work to help deliver a better world.

What are Anthro’s Values?

We actively seek to uphold our values and work
with partners that share in them


We believe that the application of data and science can help all organisations make better evidence-based decisions.


We recognise that all organisations face unique challenges and that the starting point for addressing them is humility and respect. Therefore, truly understanding the context our clients operate in is fundamental to what we do.


We believe that all organisations need to embrace innovative solutions in order to help make better decisions through carefully managed risk.


We believe that all of our interactions need to be based on honesty, accountability, and reliability.


We see the world as fundamentally interconnected and that our similarities as fellow human beings are far greater than our differences. Therefore, we welcome and support people of all backgrounds and identities provided that they are willing to share our values.


We believe that no one has all the answers and that in order to find optimal solutions, reaching out to experts for guidance and help is often the best way forward. Consequently, partnerships are central to Anthro’s way of working.