our code of conduct

Our guidance on professional conduct

Our Code of Conduct builds on our values and helps guide our and our partners’ decision-making and professional conduct.


We believe in the golden rule, which means treating others as you want to be treated. At Anthro that means being respectful and kind towards others. Furthermore, we consider it inappropriate to behave in a discriminatory manner toward anyone based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or any other arbitrary demographic classification. At Anthro, we expect that our employees, service providers, and/or partners treat everyone they encounter fairly. Anthro is an equal opportunity organization.


We expect the people who work with Anthro to uphold local, national, and international laws. Under no circumstances will bribery or corruption be tolerated. Any instances of suspected bribery or corruption must be reported to Anthro management and the appropriate authorities immediately. Should Anthro be in the position to hand over evidence to support civil or criminal prosecution of those in violation of the law, we will do so without hesitation.


Anthro condemns sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment in all its forms and is committed to preventing it in our workplaces and operations globally. Sexual misconduct violates universally recognized international legal norms and standards. Anthro considers any such acts serious misconduct, which shall result in owners, employees, service providers, and/or partners found to have engaged in such reprehensible acts having their working relationships with Anthro terminated with immediate effect. Furthermore, Anthro will proactively bring such matters to the attention of relevant national/international authorities should such conduct be deemed illegal.


At Anthro we respect our client’s right to privacy and confidentially. We also recognize that, through virtue of the nature of our work, organizations must at times share confidential and person-identifiable data of staff and/or applicants. This is a huge responsibility that we do not take lightly. At Anthro every effort is made to honour our clients’ privacy. We are also committed to being transparent about how we handle customer data. We want our clients to trust us to protect their private data and, therefore, use their data only in the ways that they permit us to.


The way we compete is as important as the results we achieve. By adopting healthy competition and fair business practices, we put our clients first and give them access to a variety of products and services at fair prices. Competing fairly ensures that we meet our business objectives with our integrity intact.


Employees, service providers, and/or those who partner with Anthro are expected to avoid engaging in personal activities and/or assuming financial interests which could conflict with their responsibilities to our clients. Anthro employees, service providers, and/or partners are expected to remain neutral and objective and only to promote products and/or services that are in a client’s best interests. Anthro staff may also from time to time work directly for global public sector organizations as consultants. Such consultancies must be declared to Anthro to avoid potential abuse of insider information and any potential conflict of interest must also be declared to clients.


At Anthro, we pride ourselves on delivering on our commitments at a high standard in a timely manner. This means making good on promises to clients to deliver on agreed timelines at agreed quality standards. However, at Anthro we recognize that sometimes because of circumstances beyond our control, it is not possible to honour our commitments as agreed. In the event that a delay to service delivery is likely to occur, we expect Anthro employees, service providers, and/or partners to inform their partners and clients immediately. In addition, we expect our employees, service providers, and/or partners to take proactive steps to ensure that work products are delivered as agreed by, for example, renegotiating a timeline, or by making alternative agreeable arrangements. Any and all potential delays to the delivery of services must be signalled to our clients well in advance.


All communications and other interactions with each other and our clients should be carried out with the goal of increasing trust among our team and our clients. We take pride in being highly responsive to our client’s questions, problems, or concerns. If we are not able to provide a substantive response to a request, we encourage our employees, service providers, and/or partners to respond within 24 hours indicating that their query has been received and will be tended to.


At Anthro we expect our owners, employees, service providers, and partners to engage with each other, first-and-foremost, with open-mindedness and curiosity. Leave your assumptions at the door. We encourage those who work with Anthro, in its mission to help the global public sector create a better world, to strive to cultivate friendships, build partnerships, support, and learn from each other. Most importantly, we want those who work with Anthro, be they affiliates or clients, to endeavour to undertake all we do with a positive spirit and with good humour. Above all else, keep learning and have fun!